Nearly Done is a West Midlands based JavaScript consultancy that specialises in creating anything from a jQuery plugin to the most performant large scale MVC web applications. We have experience creating applications that run on complex multi-server environments down to the limited platform of the Connected TV.

We cover the entire front end stack and have 10 years experience in facets such as Accessibility and Usability best practices as well as technical.

Nearly Done promote Test-Driven Development methodologies even if you are not an Agile organisation, we can show you how TDD can benefit your production workflows and most importantly, implement the best solution for you.



Nearly Done take the performance of your website to an almost obsessional level and take great pride in the measurable increases we have achieved for our clients.


Future Proof

By using the latest technologies and best practice techniques the product we deliver to you are ready for the next phase of your business and the Internet. Your website will not carry any of the excess baggage that has in the past been needed to conform with older browsers enabling you to react quicker when changes are needed to your website.


Team integration

Nearly Done have great experience in integrating into your team on your site wherever that may be. We are not the hidden party that will stay silent for long periods of time. We like to work in full view and with complete transparency with our clients. This enables us to allay any worries or questions about the product before they become issues.