20000 all electric miles

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Following on from 10000 all electric miles, today I hit the next milestone of 20000 miles completed in just over 16 months since delivery. A major chunk of this second 10000 miles was the European road trip I did with my family over August which was 3,333 miles of pure Supercharger mileage. As expected this second stint has been flawless.


I’ve taken to taking more detailed records of when and how much I charge at home, therefore how much I spend on ‘fuelling’ the Tesla, than I did for the first 10000 miles.

So miles 10000 to 15000 took 618KWh of charging from home and during that time my rate was 11.4p/KWh giving a total of £70.45. On top of this I needed to charge while I was in Berlin for a weekend and there was a charge point right across the road from my hotel so really didn’t mind paying to use this and filled the battery up from the 22KW charge point landing me a bill for £17.25. So that 5000 mile stint in total cost £87.70.

Miles 15000 to 20000 needed 325KWh of charging but I’d changed suppliers and my rate had increased to 12.91p/KWh giving a total of £41.96 for this stint.

Adding them together gives a total cost of £129.66 to drive 10000 miles or 1.3p per mile.

And adding this to the first 10000 miles’ total of £250.34 gives an incredibly round figure of £380 exactly or 1.6p per mile over the first 20000 miles I’ve owned the Tesla.

So that’s the purely financial overview not going into the amount of fossil fuel that has not been used with all that implies.

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